There's A Better Way To Get Through Court...

Going through a high conflict divorce is extremely invalidating. The other party may go after your friends, family, and even your own children.

When I went through my divorce, it felt like I was going up against the whole world. I tried to voice the truth to friends and the court, but it fell on deaf ears.

I needed to try something different to break free from the abuse and help my children.

I needed something to reveal the truth that couldn’t be argued with. Something that showed cold, hard facts. Something that tore down the house of cards of lies the other party built (because these people have no problem lying in court).

And that’s when it hit me:

Data reveals it all. If I could prove the lies with evidence (phone records, bank statements, medical history, and more), I could succeed.

I developed a piece of software to do this, and long story short, I got the best outcome I could have hoped for: a settlement. Instead of having the high conflict personality drag out my case for years longer (costing me an arm and a leg), I was finally able to break free.

It worked so well that we’re launching it to help others. Narcissists want you to feel powerless, but data doesn’t lie. With the right support, you can be validated once and for all.

Why Does This Matter?

An approach like this is needed because a divorce is a high conflict personality’s playground.

They do everything they can to isolate the other party from their friends, and then they systematically lie to have their way.

According to the High Conflict Institute, some high conflict personalities “are also skilled at manipulating professionals into thinking that they are victims, when in fact they are perpetrators of abuse.”

The level of manipulation is unfathomable. High conflict personalities convince as many people and stakeholders in the situation that they are in the right and you are the abuser.

But data reveals the truth. High conflict personalities (and those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder specifically) will often fold with data. Our approach breaks down the false narrative that has been portrayed to everyone.

How Can This Help Win My Case?

Full scale high conflict divorce litigation costs $77,746 on average and can last for years.

Our approach is one of the best shots you have at achieving a settlement. Data can set your case apart and pressure the abusive party to settle (or face their lies in court).

Imagine if you could “paint a picture” of the other party’s systematic lies. It’s already possible, but it typically requires hiring forensic accountants or a team of paralegals. Manually sifting through thousands upon thousands of data points could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our software brings the power of a large team to your attorney, all for a lower cost.

We provide your attorney with the big picture insights they need to succeed. One lie may seem benign, but when you can showcase a systematic process of manipulation across a long period of time and different areas of life (phone records, credit card history, medical documents, etc), you’ve got data to succeed.

Why Trust Us?

We’ve been through a high conflict divorce and have seen the same thing play out with hundreds of people in our support group.

We know what it feels like when the narcissist isolates you. We understand how the narcissist can devastate your finances, family, and relationships. Narcissists and other high conflict personalities often have a win-at-any-cost mentality. Our software helps you settle, circumventing this destructive mentality.

It takes retroactively looking back to understand this issue and how to appropriately react. Our experience working intimately in our own case and speaking with others means that we can integrate our knowledge to help you win your case.

Our software works and allows us to provide a service that helps you win against a high conflict personality while pushing for a settlement. We’ve seen it happen in our own case and know that for many people, exposing the high conflict personality is their best shot at a favorable outcome.

How Can I Get Started?

We only have the resources to support a few clients at the moment. If you have a lawyer, follow the three steps below to join our limited beta test cohort!

1) Read this page.

2) Schedule a free consultation below.

3) Attend the meeting to help us understand how we can help!


All of the text on this page is covered under our Disclaimer and is not intended to be legal advice. We are not attorneys or legal professionals. Please consult your own counsel.

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So you got my checklist on how to graph smearing campaigns (And if you haven’t, you can get it here).

But maybe it’s too much work for you to do on your own.

That’s ok! We’re here to help.

We’ll work with your legal counsel to acquire data and show smearing campaigns in action.

Dealing with a narcissist is extremely invalidating. They want you to feel alone.

But data doesn’t lie. With the right support, you can prove a smearing campaign once and for all.