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NarcissistExposed is literally an answered prayer. For my entire life I have been devastated by my parents' smearing campaign. This website brings to light to abuse so horrendous it's inconceivable.
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Thank you for validating my experience. I didn’t have the language to express or even understand why it felt so toxic and painful, why it still has repercussions in how I connect now.
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Why Attend?

Support Your Way

Some listen instead of speak. Some keep cameras off. Get support, the way you want it.


Narcissists want you to feel alone. We know how it feels. Get support in knowing you're not alone.

It's Ok To Cancel

While we'd love to see you, there's no pressure if you can't attend the meetings.

Narcissists are relentless. They want you to feel alone, but you don’t have to feel that way. By joining a support group and community of others, you’ll get the right support to begin your healing journey. Registration is simple and risk free.

I too was once stuck with a narcissist. I felt invalidated and alone every single day. Slowly, I began to learn that millions of people have had similar experiences. You too can get out. But without a community of supporters, it’ll feel like an uphill battle.

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